*NEW* Cinematic Street Collection 2021: 15 Lightroom Presets


My 2021 Cinematic Street Photography Presets Collection

Add a cinematic look to your photos. Works great on urban shots, streets during the day and night and moody landscapes.

Read the description below to see what is included.

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The Cinematic Street Photography Collection 2021 Lightroom: 15 Presets

Gooood Morning! I'm excited to share with you this new Lightroom presets pack that I have refined over my last 3 years of travels and shoots around the world.

This Cinematic Street pack is built for excellence, edginess and style. These presets have personally saved me a ton of time when editing photos.

This Cinematic Street presets pack is here to bring a cinematic look to your photos. This pack works great for shots taken in urban areas during the day and especially at night. Some of those presets will work marvels with shooting low light in the streets. 

Go ahead, get them, play with them, tweak them and make them your starting point for beautiful and cinematic images!

Presets included in the pack:

– Fushimi 01
– Fushimi 02 c
– Fushimi 03 c+
– Hong Kong 01
– Hong Kong 02
– Hong Kong 03 c
– Roppongi 01
– Roppongi 02
– Shinjuku 01
– Shinjuku 02
– Taipei 01
– Taipei 02
– Taipei 03
– Z-Brooklyn 01
– Z-Brooklyn 02


IMPORTANT: These presets are for the Lightroom Classic & Lightroom CC. Compatibility is guaranteed for v7.0 and above. If you use Lightroom CC, those presets will be available on your Lightroom mobile app. 


Don't forget to get out there to get some awesome shots to edit first!


ps: tag me in the pics you edited with the presets! @pierretlambert

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