Street Photography Collection 2018: 15 Presets


My 2018 Street Photography Presets Collection

These presets are perfect for both lively urban & rural environments, cityscapes, street markets, & lifestyle.

Read the description below to see what is included.

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The Street Photography Collection 2018 Lightroom: 15 Presets (incl. free profiles).

In this collection, you will find 15 amazing custom presets inspired by my travels to some of Asia's liveliest cities. These presets have personally saved me a ton of time when editing photos. These presets and profiles are designed to be a base to help you achieve the look and feel you desire. Feel free to play around with them and tweak the settings so that you get the exact effect you want. I have specifically made some also for night street photography to bring out the particular colors and lights cities offer at night.

My Street Photography presets are excellent for helping you bring your subjects to life with detailed city tones and clarity. Darkened shadows help to create a much-desired street photography aesthetic. The presets are designed for an urban environment but work very well in most lively settings such as street markets in rural areas.

These presets are perfect for both lively urban & rural environments, cityscapes, street markets, & lifestyle.

Presets and profiles included in the pack:

– Kuala Lumpur 01
– Kuala Lumpur 02
– Kyoto 01
– Kyoto 02
– Osaka 01
– Osaka 02
– Osaka 03
– Shibuya 01
– Shibuya 02
– Tokyo 01
– Tokyo 02
– Tokyo 03
– Tokyo 04
– Tokyo By Night 01
– Tokyo By Night 02

IMPORTANT: These presets are for the Lightroom Classic & Lightroom CC. Compatibility is guaranteed for v7.0 and above. If you use Lightroom CC, those presets will be available on your Lightroom mobile app. Profiles work from LR 7.3 and on LR CC.


Don't forget to get out there to get some awesome shots to edit!


ps: tag me in the pics you edited with the presets! @pierretlambert

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