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Welcome to my website! I created this space for you to find all the resources to help you along your journey.

My gear, my story, free tools, editing presets, my podcast, photography articles and my 30-Day Photography training.

My world is very multi dimensional (beyond what you may think) so please explore a glimpse of it here!

30 Days to Great Photos

The ultimate training program for unleashing your inner photographer

Join 2,500+ participants who transformed their photography.

Rewire your brain

Learn how to visualize photos before you press the shutter by training your eye to create compositions using your surroundings to take great photos that make an impact.

Take PRO Looking Photos

Master storytelling, camera settings, light and your compositions.
Never take blurry / soulless / boring photos again.

Nail Your Style & Get Paid

Learn how to edit to make your photos pop.
Learn how to go PRO - if you want to - and transform your passion into a profitable activity

Make your photos pop with my Lightroom presets

  • Give your photos a unique atmosphere with my Lightroom presets
  • Save time editing and spend more time shooting what you love
  • Tested to be non destructive with all the main camera brands
pierre t lambert presets before pierre t lambert presets after

What Gear Do I Use?

After thousands of hours shooting and traveling around the world, I've gone through lot of gear.

Discover the latest gear I've been using day in and out.

How I started

I started my career as a mechanical engineer but quickly realized the corporate world wasn’t for me.

I felt imprisoned, limited and that my time wasn't mine. I was working for someone's else dream in a way.

Traveling & story telling through photography was my true passion and had been with me since I was young.

So I bought a Canon 5D Mk II to feel like I was a PRO and one day I told my boss I was leaving to start my own business and become a photographer. 

But things didn't go as expected…


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Photos I Love

Listen to the Podcast

Learn from some of the most creative, entrepreneurial & driven minds.

We explore further than just the landscape of photography but also dig into insights beyond their creative journeys.