Who is Pierre T. Lambert?

pierre t. lambert brooklyn bridge snow

Who is Pierre T. Lambert?

Hey, I'm Pierre. I am a photographer & filmmaker focused on travel. I never miss an opportunity to tell a story through my photography and my videos. On one side I create videos for my travel Youtube channel and on the other, I share all my photography knowledge and adventures on my Photography YouTube Channel.

However, I was not always the person you see today.
After years of following the “right” path, going to university, getting an engineering degree and working as a project engineer in the energy industry it hit me one day. As I was on my night shift on a construction vessel off the coast of Angola, I stumbled upon a small book that spoke to me more than anything I had read before. This book made me realize that there was nothing “wrong” with the way I was living my life right now BUT that being said, I could do WAY BETTER – not necessarily money-wise but simply “occupation” wise. The only thing that was preventing me from doing what I truly wanted, ie. traveling and creating, was myself. After all there was nothing to lose in trying…. so I jumped and here I am today.

🌴 Pierre.