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I'm Pierre T. Lambert!

Hi, I’m Pierre T. Lambert, a travel adventure photographer, filmmaker, storyteller, and YouTuber. 


I was 18-years-old when I left for my first solo backpacking trip to Japan with my amazing 3,2MP compact camera. 


I loved traveling, and even trained as a mechanical engineer so that I could pick up engineering jobs that empowered me to travel.


Eventually, I found my passion in photography and storytelling. Keep reading to learn more.


“We are everything but one dimensional – we are curious creatures with interests, passions, and desires. Most of society wants to put us in a box with a label.


But as artists, there is nothing more dangerous than staying in that box. Staying in that box suffocates our creative soul.”

Some of the best clients I’ve worked with over the years

Discover the 7 life-changing lessons photography taught me

I started here

I was not always the person you see today on YouTube. I was working as an engineer on a boat off the coast of Angola working 12h/day 7d/week when I stumbled upon a book called the 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss.. 


That book inspired me to start thinking about what my life would look like if I wasn’t on that boat. I started thinking about what my life would look like if I maybe – just maybe – did something else. 


That’s when the idea dawned on me: what if I could do “anything” and work on something I loved full-time?


I always loved photography – being able to capture visual stories that would evoke emotions in people. I spent hours growing up admiring work by artists like Yann Arthus Bertrand.


After many ideas thrown on paper and in the trash, I decided to start teaching myself to code so I could build a startup & in parallel self-train to become a professional photographer. 


How I kept going,

Just because I loved photography didn’t mean I was good at it. As much as I wanted to capture the beauty of our world and tell visual stories, I was nowhere near being a professional.

I thought that gear was everything for taking great photos – it wasn’t.

I knew something needed to change – so I taught myself what I needed to know to become a better photographer. 

And after a few months, I landed my first paying client.  Wait – people are ready to pay me for what I create? Could this be real?

Two years after I read the 4-Hour Work Week on that boat, I left my comfy engineering job to focus on my startup and my growing portrait & wedding photography business, where I shot both in Paris and internationally.

My journey on YouTube started in 2016, with a 30-day vlogging challenge while I was living in New York City.


That next year, my wife & I took a 12+ month adventure around the world. That was the perfect time for me to focus on YouTube while simultaneously using my photography skills to land partnerships around the world.

Through my travels and my work, I met some of the best photographers and entrepreneurs around the world. I learned so much from my conversations with these people that I started the Pierre T. Lambert Podcast in 2018 to bring their insights to my audience.

Where am I now?

Now, I travel the world, taking my audience of over 1,000,000+ people on my two Youtube channels and Instagram from the streets of Tokyo to the beaches of French Polynesia.


I still dive into the stories that happen behind the shutter, interviewing the best creators and entrepreneurs on the Pierre T. Lambert podcast.

But the most meaningful lesson I’ve picked up along the way: achievements only matter if you enjoy the process.

No matter how you feel or how the world seems at times, when we take our camera and pay attention enough we’re able to uncover the beauty hidden in plain sight amidst everything else going on.

Keep seeking the light, as hard as it may be at times, it is always available to those who choose to see it.

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I chat to some of the most creative, entrepreneurial & driven minds.

We explore further than just the landscape of photography but also dig into insights beyond their creative journeys.

Have any questions?

As a kid I used disposable film cameras. But my first camera that got me more into photography was a Nikon Coolpix 3200 (3.2MPixels) that I took with me to Japan on my first solo big trip at almost 18. I remember taking a photo of the tiniest frog in macro mode and being blown away I took it!You can see the list of gear I use nowadays here.

People say I have a lot of energy in real life too. I’d say I’m very optimistic/positive in life. I see life as an adventure, a movie that we write for ourselves. Like some said, life happens for us not to us.

I’ve never taken a degree in photography or apprenticed per say with another photographer. I took my photography education onto myself because I realized clients didn’t care if you had a degree or not – they wanted someone who makes them/their product look good and can act professionally. I’ve deconstructed how I should learn photography after spending a lot of time ingesting online content, following photography workshops and shadowing wedding photographer friends. When I felt my photos were good enough and that clients were ready to pay I knew I was on the right path. You can learn with the step-by-step framework that I built after all those years in the 30 Days To Great Photos Course.

Yes, I’m married to my beautiful wife Trina & we have a little girl since just before Covid! Traveling is definitely more challenging as I love to spend time with them… it is a question of balance and I haven’t figured it out fully yet but I’m working on it!

Timeline since Pre-2010

  • Trained as a mechanical & industrial engineer so I could travel. The concept of being an entrepreneur was non-existent in my field of possibilities. 
  • Picked up an Engineering job that allowed me to travel and capture my adventures in Nigeria, Indonesia, Morocco, Japan to share with family & friends.
  • Engineering was just a means for traveling and capturing the world. My photography sucked, but it was fun.
  • Jan: Left my comfy engineering job to focus solely on my startup and my growing portrait & wedding photography business

  • June: Moved to NYC. Discovered the world of “creators.” Started my first 30-day vlogging challenge on YouTube.
  • Started a new photography-related YouTube channel to share my adventures of capturing stories around the world and the best tips I learned along the way.


  • Started the Pierre T. Lambert podcast. 

  • Started a French Photography YouTube channel


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