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Prince McClinton on How To Stay AI-Proof, Transforming Your Creative Self And Protecting Your Energy


I had to let go of a lot of the things that I was regretting to where I was no longer ashamed of “Prince”. And then once I was no longer ashamed of Prince, I wasn't afraid to show people who I was, I didn't have to hide the guy, or there was nothing left to hide. 

It's just like it's all out in the open and my intentions were pure and I just, I want everyone to win. And to succeed and to reach their potentiality. If I can share my stories and if I can share the things that I've been through, and if I can relate to someone, then I'm more than happy to. 

Prince McClinton

Prince McClinton is the CEO of Art of Visuals, a media company that produces content and strategy for brands and businesses across the globe. He uses his creativity and experience to transform chaos into content and deliver value to the clients he works with.

Art of Visuals has more than 1.9 million followers on Instagram, and has collaborated with some of the largest brands on the planet.

In this episode, Prince gets into his own hero’s journey, how to position and price your services, his optimistic pessimistic view of AI invading professions, and how to maintain and monitor energy behind a protective moat.

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Show Notes

  • Chatting about movies [00:00]
  • Prince’s background [03:22]
  • Changing schools growing up [05:31]
  • Growing a fraternity [06:26]
  • Getting comfortable with vulnerability [10:42]
  • Seeing people emotionally [15:36]
  • Making college recruitment videos [20:39]
  • Moving to Los Angeles [24:30]
  • Getting into network Marketing [25:38]
  • Launching Art of Visuals [29:00]
  • Prince’s best sales tips [32:57]
  • Pricing for value [34:25]
  • Making money with product-market fit [42:27]
  • Positioning and finding your niche [49:48]
  • Volvo vs Porsche example [51:39]
  • Prince’s magazine [54:22]
  • AI for the soloprenuer [1:00:35]
  • Using ChatGPT in new ways [1:04:09]
  • Using Midjourney to remix Masterworks [1:13:03]
  • Becoming a better leader through AI [1:15:14]
  • Moving to the country side pros and cons [1:21:42]
  • Prince’s mission to transform people, products, and brands [1:25:55]
  • Harnessing different types of energy [1:30:13]
  • Getting better with money [1:33:07]
  • Creating an energy moat [1:37:26]
  • Plugs and contact info [1:42:20]

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