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Taylor Rees on Directing Extreme Documentaries and Practices for Finding Lost Creativity


The reason that I brought my dog out at the end of my TED Talk was just to reiterate that, we can communicate across species' boundaries.

– Taylor Rees

Taylor Rees is a documentary filmmaker, Sony Alpha Artisan, photojournalist, and avid explorer of stories on landscape, natural resource issues, and above all else, the human heart. She's worked on adventure documentaries like Moonwalk, Down to Nothing, Sanctity, Under Nordic Sky, and The Last Honey Hunter.

Taylor's focus lately has been to bring a new perspective and deeper public understanding to the complexity of climate change, conservation, human rights, environmental justice, and extractive industries. What matters to her are the people within those stories, and their own experience of co-creating those narratives that break away from traditionally extractive forms of storytelling. 

In this episode, Taylor discusses how she directs adventure films, finds her creativity when it gets lost, her adventures, how cameras change communication with people and the practices that keep her grounded and focused. I hope you enjoy.

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Selected Links from the Episode

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Show Notes

  • [3:18] Why Taylor howled with her dog on her TED x Talk.
  • [6:20] How cameras affect communication with people.
  • [9:50] Why conservation has a dark side for locals.
  • [14:40] How she directed and shot “The Last Tepui” in the middle of the Guyana jungle.
  • [19:34] How Taylor approaches leadership and directing.
  • [21:30] How long does it take to prepare expedition shoots?
  • [24:47] How meditation helps Taylor's creativity.
  • [27:53] Taylor on Creative Fuel
  • [29:90] Learn more about Taylor

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