Ben Moon – Lessons From Surviving Near Death and Telling Better Stories (#53)


If you're doing something you're passionate about, other people are going to see that and relate to it.

– Ben Moon

Ben Moon is a Sony ambassador, photographer, and filmmaker shooting mainly adventure in the lifestyle who's had a life-transforming journey in his late twenties.

Surviving colorectal cancer in his 20s inspired Ben to develop a deeper connection to others and the natural world and gradually shifted his artistic focus from capturing the pursuit of adventure to telling nuanced human stories that have inspired and impacted millions worldwide. Most notably, he told his own story about his journey with colorectal cancer and his special relationship with his dog, Denali in the viral short film, Denali.

I highly encourage you to watch it because we're going to dig into the details of the story, how it happened, how it went viral, how it came to life and you'll see, it's not just a project that came easily. There was a lot of work involved and I think you will love it, so everything is linked in the description.

Please enjoy!

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Ben Moon on Lessons From Surviving Near Death and Telling Better Stories The Pierre T. Lambert Podcast


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  • Ben shares the most difficult time of his life. [2:35]
  • How did Ben's drastic lifestyle change with cancer impact his creativity? [9:59]
  • Ben shares the story of his dog, Denali. [11:03]
  • Ben shares how he started working on his book. [19:04]
  • How did Ben become as a creative? [22:31]
  • Ben explains how van life is romanticized as he spent years living that life. [24:00]
  • Ben talks about the 7-year cycle of life and how his dog Denali stayed with him through that cycle. [26:53]
  • He shares how grateful he is in his life right now. [28:54]
  • Ben's thoughts take on being remarkable and relatable? [30:43]
  • What is Ben's opinion about the various social media platforms for creativity? [32:28]
  • Ben shares a story about his project with the band, Goth Babe. [35:31]
  • How does gear affect the story whenever Ben is building a project? [38:25]
  • How did Ben make the Grizzly Country movie? [40:56]
  • Does Ben have a go-to technique to make people at ease when they are on an interview with him? [42:42]
  • Ben's life lessons [52:46]
  • He talks about the way he chooses his partners when doing a project. [53:54]
  • Ben shares about working with Rivian as an ambassador. [58:00]
  • Parting thoughts. [1:01:20]

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