Chelsea Yamase @chelseakauai – Practice Courage To Boost Your Creativity (#39)

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With anything, no matter how fun it is, no matter how much money you're making with it, if you're not connecting to a purpose or a sense of purpose behind it, it's just going to start feeling draining.

– Chelsea Yamase Kauai

Chelsea Yamase (@chelsekauai) is a Hawaii-born creative, freediver, and Acro Yoga teacher. She is not only a photographer, a model, and a visual artist, she is also an adventurer that travels around the world. She inspires us and makes us discover new places to explore. 

At the end of 2020, she hit 1 million Instagram followers. With more time at home during the pandemic, she launched a recycled swimwear collection with Away That Day, as well as her own Presets.

Partnering with brands like Canon, KEEN, Adobe, National Parks services, she sets out to lead a more purposeful and less stagnant life by documenting her purest intentions. Chelsea loves seeking extraordinary experiences, all through a lens of mindfulness and eco-innovation.

Please enjoy!

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  • Why did Chelsea quit becoming an architect? [07:46]
  • What was Chelsea's motivation to pursue what she really wanted? [15:52]
  • How can someone manage failure and loss? How did practicing courage help? [18:46]
  • Why do people need to be super excited about the moments that feel weird and uncomfortable? [21:12]
  • With all the challenges that Chelsea experienced in her life, when did she realize that she has that “creative power” and how did she become confident on what she does? [23:37]
  • For Chelsea, the most beautiful thing in the world is to feel connected to people and to feel seen and to make other people feel seen. How did Chelsea come to share everything on her social media where she shows her most authentic self? [31:38]
  • Is there really a competition on social media? Chelsea shares ideas on how can someone stand out from the crowd. [36:46]
  • Chelsea explains why building rapport with other photographers is important. [45:18]
  • Chelsea shares her favorite gear . [46:07]
  • Has Chelsea always been into the outdoors or adventurous stuff? [52:15]
  • Chelsea's advice for people feeling trapped in their work. [58:39]
  • Chelsea shares some of her unforgettable experiences while shooting her favorite images. [1:01:10]
  • How does “seeing things with completely different eyes” inspired Chelsea in her photography? [1:16:21]
  • Parting thoughts. [1:19:23]

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