Chris Hau – Turning Failures into Dreams Finding Your Own Voice and Cutting Through the Noise (#48)


You can be successful in anything, depending on your persistence and your passion for it.

– Chris Hau

Chris Hau is a Filmmaker, Photographer, and Creative Director from Toronto, Canada. Chris has a YouTube channel where he talks about photography and videography.

His production company has been producing commercials for brands like Mercedes-Benz, Adobe, Grey Goose, and Google.

To give his story a twist, before getting fully into the video and the photo space, Chris was a musician.

Please enjoy!

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Chris Hau on Turning Failures into Dreams, Finding Your Own Voice and Cutting Through the Noise. The Pierre T. Lambert Podcast



  • How did Chris become a professional video and photographer? [03:58]
  • Who are the people that inspired him to pursue his goals in life? [09:35]
  • What is his opinion about choosing a career? [14:32]
  • Is this time the best time to learn the technical skills for being a photographer and a videographer? [17:39]
  • How did his passion for music shift to photography? [21:13]
  • What is his advice about team collaboration? [25:50]
  • How to move away from micromanaging for the betterment of projects? [30:25]
  • What allows Chris to have more “mental space” to focus on better creative ideas, better stories, doing deeper and bigger projects? [32:45]
  • How does Chris deal with pressure? [37:07]
  • Chris talks about detaching yourself from negative comments on social media. [43:42]
  • Why does Chris think that someone should be creating for himself, and not just for the sake of getting followers? [53:17]
  • Chris shares his fun moments shooting for Mercedes-Benz. [54:27]
  • How well does Chris enjoys his journey? [59:36]
  • Chris suggests creative outlet for people. [1:03:10]
  • Parting thoughts. [1:05:03]

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