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Emmett Sparling on The Rule To Increase Creative Performance, Living Out Of a Backpack & Lessons From Shooting Awarded Short Films


Talent comes after ten years of hard work.

—Emmett Sparling

Emmett Sparling is an award-winning photographer and videographer. As a teenager, he left a burgeoning career in fashion photography to backpack across the world. Over the course of his journey, he began to gain momentum on Instagram as a travel photographer. 

In the years since, Emmett has shot major tourism campaigns for Egypt, South Africa, Indonesia, Belize, and Switzerland. He’s also worked with Samsung, Lexus, Toyota, Bang & Olufsen, and other globally recognized brands. He’s nearing 1 million followers on his personal Instagram.

In this episode, Emmett shares how his family and his community supported and inspired his work. He also reflects on lessons learned from years on the road and offers a glimpse into what exciting new projects are next up.

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Show Notes

  • Shooting for Lexus. [1:04]
  • Emmett’s road to travel photography. [3:40]
  • High fashion work. [6:32]
  • Backpacking through Mexico. [7:56]
  • Flying to Bali and discovering the travel photography community. [9:04]
  • Funding the lifestyle. [13:10]
  • Taking the plunge and committing to travel photography. [16:00]
  • Working for Samsung. [17:24]
  • Business picks up. [21:57]
  • COVID-19 [23:51]
  • On alcohol and increasing creative performance. [25:33]
  • Getting into filmmaking. [27:11]
  • How he shot the short film Brain Maker [30:51]
  • Future film plans. [38:14]
  • His idea to shoot medieval Comedy in Oman. [39:48]
  • Advice for someone who’s older who starts into the creative world. [44:39]
  • Advice to start small. [46:17]
  • Why mastering your craft is key. [47:51]
  • Emmett’s family impact [49:46]
  • How he does scriptwriting [52:14]

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