Erick Hercules on How to Price Your Art, Breaking Creative Blocks, NFTs For Photographers, The Curse Of A Niche, Meditation & Tools to Optimize Life (#61)


Art should constantly be evolving and you should constantly be evolving with your art.

– Erick Hercules

Erick Hercules specializes in non-photoshop levitation photography and is an Ecuadorian commercial photographer. His photographs are featured on billboards in Times Square, have been auctioned at the Guggenheim Museum, and published in Hypebeast, HighSnobiety, and other periodicals. Erick has previously worked with fashion and streetwear companies including Nike, Converse, Swatch, FILA, and Alpha Industries.

In 2013, he launched the “#WeLevitate” movement, a global community of aspiring levitation photographers and content creators that partners with World of Dance, SONY, Nike, and other brands.

In addition to his campaign work, Erick serves as an official SONY Alpha Ambassador and educator. He currently leads his own visual and strategy agency called Hercules New York and is the Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of INCMMN. 

I highly encourage you to listen to the entire episode because we’re sharing insights about discovering and staying in love with an art form as an artist, how to beat procrastination and other excuses in creating content, and many more. You’ll also love Erick’s practical advice on how to charge according to your value and how you can benefit from the democratization of the economic side of creativity.

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Show Notes

  • Classical music and voice lessons at an early age. [00:04:01] 
  • Erick's transition to photography. [00:05:07] 
  • First major levitation photography campaign. [00:06:27] 
  • The philosophy and the psychology behind levitation. [00:12:57] 
  • A photograph that speaks a thousand words. [00:15:41] 
  • Redeeming the artistry of levitation photography. [00:19:07] 
  • Levitation photography. [00:20:49]
  • Art should constantly be evolving. [00:23:04] 
  • Street photography [00:27:02]
  • Reality can be perceived from many different angles. [00:28:01] 
  • Angle studies. [00:30:34] 
  • Perfectionism is the best excuse for procrastination. [00:34:27] 
  • Realizations during the COVID lockdowns. [00:36:12] 
  • Microdosing [00:40:47] 
  • Mediation, cooking, and other activities outside photography. [00:41:45]
  • NFTs and smart contracts. [00:50:55] 
  • Critique on artists' pricing structure. [00:52:35] 
  • Erick's NFT collection. [01:02:27] 
  • Conversation on Microdosing responsibly. [01:09:49] 
  • How can artists charge fairly for their work? [01:19:43] 
  • Thoughts for the post-COVID world. [01:26:12] 

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