Etienne Claret – How Spending 30 Days In The Dark with Mike Horn Transformed His Life (#51)


People will eventually speak about you… You have to get known first, develop your portfolio and your skills, and then it comes after.

– Etienne Claret

Etienne Claret is a Swiss photographer and filmmaker who is documenting the adventures of famous explorer Mike Horn. He shares his crazy story on how he got to work with Mike Horn and the adventures he's been on lately.

Etienne also shares what he learned from those experiences, and as a quick teaser, you'll learn what happened when he spent a full month in full darkness on the ice, stuck on the boat.

Please enjoy!

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Etienne Claret on How Spending 30 Days In The Dark For A Shoot with Mike Horn Transformed The Pierre T. Lambert Podcast


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  • Etienne talks about his epic drone shots through a boat. [3:39]
  • How did Etienne end up documenting Mike Horn's adventure? [4:55]
  • Did Etienne know what he was going to do the first time working with Mike? [6:06]
  • Etienne shares his experiences working on a project with Mike Horn. [9:50]
  • How did Etienne's adventures with Mike help him achieve his goals? [12:18]
  • How did Etienne start a YouTube channel? [16:19]
  • Etienne shares about his one-month journey in full darkness. [19:13]
  • How did Etienne cope with being stuck in the ice for 30 days? [22:10]
  • How did Etienne learn to speak English? [30:32]
  • How did Etienne adapt to such a brutal environment to shoot in? [32:09]
  • Etienne walks us through his creative process. [35:55]
  • What are the most important things Etienne learned from working with Mike Horn? [41:05]
  • What is Etienne looking forward to in the years to come?  [42:49]
  • Etienne’s goals and next expedition coming up. [46:26]
  • Etienne shares his experience traveling in Mongolia. [46:38]
  • Does Mike Horn give a lot of credit to the team helping Etienne? [49:43]
  • Parting thoughts. [51:34]

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