Evan Ranft – Crushing Creative Limitations and How to Create a Book (#47)


If you want to start as a career artist, you have to start with a direction and with a goal in mind.

– Evan Ranft

Evan Ranft is a professional photographer and short-form video maker based in Atlanta, Georgia. His top 3 most renowned projects were the ones with Toyota Rav4, Montana Cans X Heineken, and MOET & Chandon.

Evan is not only a commercial photographer who shoots a lot of lifestyles. He's also a street photographer that shares his adventures on YouTube. He has had his work featured in galleries and recently, he put out a book, a photography book.

Please enjoy!

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  • When did Evan's YouTube channel start? [03:30]
  • How did his style evolved? [10:04]
  • How does Evan deal with doing things over and over and with switching to different styles of photography? [14:44]
  • What type of projects does he do? [17:42]
  • Evan explains the difference between using your creative side for business and for hobby. [19:28]
  • He gives advice to those who want start as a career artist. [21:26]
  • What is his book's theme and how did he identify the best pictures for it? [22:29]
  • What platform does Evan prefer for posting photographs? Twitter or Instagram? [28:28]
  • Evan gives more tips about posting pictures. [31:38]
  • What does Evan mean when he said that pictures say something together and that they say a lot less by themselves? [33:53]
  • Parting thoughts. [38:06]

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