Jessica Moore on How Photography NFTs Changed Her Life, Storm Chasing for Photos and Her Battle Against Autoimmune Disease


There are a lot of lessons to be taken away: Resilience and Belief in yourself are really the biggest things. It is never giving up, no matter how hard it gets. No matter how many times you fail, there is a lesson to be learned about you. That makes you a stronger person on the other side of this failure if you want to call it a failure. You need to fail in order to succeed.

— Jessica Moore

Jessica Moore is a meteorologist and a professional photographer. Her passion for storms stems from her childhood in Colorado Springs. She has chased storms across the U.S. for a decade, creating wonderful art from her storm photos. 

Jessica has worked for WeatherNationTV as a field correspondent for over a year, and her extreme weather footage has been seen on The Weather Channel, ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS, and more.

Jessica shares stories about how it feels to chase storms and her ongoing battle with autoimmune diseases. Discover how the turn of events and her health led her to NFTs and find success in putting her art in this digital space.

In this episode, she discusses her experience navigating the NFT space, how she chases storms, how her disease impacted her art & life the direction of her upcoming stormscapes, and her favorite shooting gear!

Please enjoy!

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  • Shooting and taking storm photos means Jessica is always mobile and on the go. [00:01:56]
  • Her most insane and adrenaline-pumping storm chase. [00:03:59]
  • Jessica explains how she knows when, where, and how to escape and be safe from dangerous storms. [00:05:09]
  • Jessica’s work process: how she takes storm photos. [00:08:07]
  • How Jessica’s interest in storm chasing and photography started. [00:10:57]
  • How Jessica’s journey to NFT Photography Started. [00:14:35]
  • Jessica explains how it feels to chase and shoot storms. [00:15:17]
  • The first and basic information one needs to know when storm chasing and forecasting storms. [00:16:08]
  • The best months to go storm chasing. [00:18:44]
  • Lessons Jessica learned from chasing storms; lessons applicable to other aspects of life. [00:21:01]
  • What Jessica did when she was on the verge of giving up. [00:22:48]
  • Jessica’s thoughts on pursuing your passion for your craft, persisting and prevailing. [00:23:46]
  • Jessica continuously chasing storms to stay true to herself—her dreams and passion. [00:24:45]
  • On naming storms and tornadoes after the places it impacted. [00:26:32]
  • Jessica describes the magical moment when you’re waiting for the storm to happen. [00:28:10]
  • Jessica’s battle against Sjogren’s and Autoimmune Autonomic Neuropathy. [00:30:38]
  • Coming to the end of her rope and how NFT saved and changed her life, craft, and art. [00:35:27]
  • Her current health situation and how her NFT community is giving her moral support. [00:37:41]
  • Jessica talks about her first foray to NFT. [00:42:54]
  • The importance of patience when sharing your art with the world. [00:46:48]
  • Jessica’s way of paying it forward and supporting other artists. [00:48:21] 
  • Moving forward plans and new stormscape collections. [00:51:23]
  • Jessica talks about the possibility of doing storm chasing tours. [00:54:05]
  • How NFT may evolve and change in the future. [00:58:07]
  • Jessica talks about her camera and gear. [01:10:48]
  • Jessica shares advice to people starting their NFT Journey. [01:11:39]

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