Karl Shakur – How To Crush Creativity During COVID-19 Era (#45)


What can keep you going is when you see more of what other people make and try to make it different in your style.”

– Karl Shakur

Karl Shakur is a travel adventure photographer. Fueled by an innate passion for adventure, he has traveled across the globe with his camera in tow, capturing the beauty of the natural world wherever I go.

He specializes in travel, lifestyle, and aerial photography — as well as influencer work with a growing online audience of over 180,000 helping brands big and small, tell their story through content creation.

Karl shares how he went from planning all his life around architecture to becoming a photographer, and making it into that difficult world of Instagram and travel photography.

Please enjoy!

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  • Karl talks about his consistency through a theme of color in his photos and how he does it. [2:15]
  • How did he find out that his close-up portraits got him out of his comfort zone? [6:07]
  • How did he get into the world of photography? [7:59]
  • Karl shares his first trip as a photographer. [9:42]
  • How does Karl tell his unique background on his work? [11:19]
  • Karl shares stories on why did he switch from architecture to photography? [15:31]
  • How does he show his creativity during this time of pandemic? [18:04]
  • When is the best time for him to make more creative stuff?  [19:26]
  • What would be Karl's creative process if there was no COVID-19? [25:25]
  • What tools help Karl with his research for a shoot? [29.21]
  • Karl shares his gear and what he takes with him when he travel. [32:43]
  • How does Karl balance his time between the business side, sponsors, and creativity? [45:55]
  • Karl gives advice to someone who is just finishing high school. [48:25]
  • What did Karl learn in the university that greatly impacted his life? [51:43]
  • Parting thoughts. [53:15]

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