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Laura Dawn on Overcoming The ‘I’m Not Creative’ Label, Microdosing for Creativity and Psychedelics Safe Use


I'm inviting people to cultivate a morning practice, a daily practice that helps set a foundation. That's unique to them. That then is sort of a launchpad for living our best lives. And we can say that creativity is humanity at its best, right? Creativity is a way that we're a full expression of who we are.

—Laura Dawn

Laura Dawn is a psychedelic advocate, author, and international speaker who has been leading transformational retreats for ten years. Her retreats inspire people to awaken to greater possibilities.

Host of The Psychedelic Leadership Podcast, Laura Dawn is a microdosing mentor for executives and top performers and has been leading transformational retreats for over 10 years.

Laura Dawn has a degree in Finance and Entrepreneurship and over two decades of exploring altered states of consciousness. Currently, she is completing a Masters in Science specializing in Creativity Studies & Change Leadership, exploring the intersection between psychedelics and creative problem-solving to help corporate teams unlock innovative solutions to the complex challenges we face.”

Laura talks about her journey to micro-dosing and how that helped her improve her creative flow. She discusses how psychedelics and sacred plant medicines can be used to manifest your dreams and how they can be woven safely into the very fabric of your daily life.

Find out how her journey led her to her more profound understanding of the intersection and overlap between psychedelics and creative problem-solving.

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Show Notes

  • How Laura’s childhood teacher affected her perception of creativity? [00:02:20]
  • The first seven years of our lives shape our perceptions about life. [00:07:20]
  • How to identify the patterns that drive our limiting beliefs. [09:30]
  • Intro to Psychedelics and the different ways to access an alternative state of consciousness. [00:15:15]
  • Culturally correct ways to discuss plant medicines within psychedelic discussions. [00:17:01]
  • What Psychedelics “feel” like [00:19:00]
  • How having entrepreneurial parents shaped how Laura D. sees opportunities. [00:21:18]
  • What shaped Laura D's perception of Psychedelics? [00:27:21]
  • Laura D intuitively micro-dosing in high school. [00:29:34]
  • Discipline for Laura D means being intentional in where you spend your energy and creating a space designed to help you get the best ideas. [00:32:42]
  • The four-way framework, Creative Leadership Development 101. [00:35:31]
  • How to create clarity in your vision? [00:36:12]
  • Integrating plant medicine into your life and lifestyle. [00:39:00]
  • How integrating psychedelics and plant medicines helps you achieve clarity. [00:39:59]
  • Keeping an open heart, mind, and body helped her achieve transcendent experiences. [00:45:07]
  • How microdosing works and why guidance is important when doing it. [00:52:20]
  • What is a microdose? [52:00:00]
  • How microdosing is affecting the way our creativity flows? [01:0 1:02]
  • Playing and dancing help us express ourselves more creatively. [01:04:40]
  • Psychedelics are becoming more mainstream in helping treat mental health problems. [01:05:45]
  • Creativity is an infinite process affected by our process, mindset, and environment. [01:07:46]
  • The extreme importance of doing psychedelics safely. [01:12:46]

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