Sam Newton – How to Land Paid Travel Photo & Video Clients and Be Unique in the Creative Field (#49)


Everyone's going through life with other people's definition of success, and for me, you just have to define what exactly success means to you.

– Sam Newton

Sam Newton is a travel filmmaker, a Turtleneck enthusiast, and an entrepreneur who co-founded MoveToCreate.

He is a seriously multi-talented YouTuber whose name exploded onto the scene through combining cinematic travel films with scripted comedy and bursting with creativity and charisma.

Sam goes all-out in everything he does, whether it’s a “regular” travel video, a comedic video, or a music video.

Please enjoy!

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Sam Newton on his Process to Land Paid Travel Clients, and Being original in the creative field The Pierre T. Lambert Podcast


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  • What are the pros and cons of making videos with subtle humor? [2:46]
  • Who is Sam outside of his funny videos? [7:41]
  • Sam talks about challenging the status quo, touring in a different way, and being true to himself to make good stuff. [8:49]
  • Sam's origin story. [13:55]
  • Sam shares valuable tips for students about getting into college and pursuing their dreams. [18:27]
  • What is the real meaning of success in life for Sam? [25:43]
  • Sam shares the challenges he encountered as he pursued his goals. [26:50]
  • How did the pandemic affect Sam’s career as a videographer? [31:13]
  • How did their company reached corporate level clients? [34:54]
  • How important is it to build a connection with your clients? [37:55]
  • What is Sam’s point of view on making free work? [43:41]
  • Sam’s advice on how to efficiently and creatively spend your time during this pandemic. [53:27]
  • What is Sam focusing on as he moves forward? [47:58]
  • Does Sam have plans to travel? [50:51]
  • Parting thoughts. [58:34]

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