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Sean Li on Saying No to 300,000$+, Rebooting the Podcast, Building Your Business, NFTs and Lessons from Becoming a Dad (#60)


Sean Li is a serial entrepreneur, having launched and sold multiple businesses over the past 10+ years. He has founded a co-working space in Downtown Los Angeles, multiple e-Commerce companies focused on inbound content marketing for DIY products, and numerous podcasts. Most recently, he completed his MBA from the Berkeley Haas School of Business and co-founded a new business called Clever FM.

He talks about his entrepreneurial journey, which he believes happened out of necessity. Having graduated during economic downturns in 2008 and during last year’s pandemic, he continues to pursue his passion to solve problems and provide job opportunities.

I highly encourage you to listen until the end of the episode. The conversation covers various topics such as making tough decisions (like turning down 300k offers), setting a timeline for your dreams, knowing when to quit, lessons we’ve learned after becoming dads, and great tools under $150.

Please Enjoy!

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Show Notes

  • Sean’s entrepreneurial journey. [00:04:31]
  • Pierre explains what he has planned for the podcast reboot. [07:20:00]
  • What is Clever FM? [00:17:08]
  • How to get prepared for when the opportunities arise. [00:28:34]
  • Balancing life as an entrepreneur and becoming a dad. [00:34:10]
  • Dealing with toddlers, tantrums, and shaping behavior. [00:40:06]
  • How the concept of radical acceptance helps. [00:43:26]
  • Sean & Pierre’s favorite tools, within the $100-$150. [00:47:43]
  • Comparing how houses are built in California and France. [00:52:49]
  • Thoughts on living in a virtual world. [00:57:55]
  • Sean shares his experience pitching to Techstars. [01:06:54]
  • Balancing schedule as parents and entrepreneurs. [01:08:26]
  • Living a privileged life as an entrepreneur and making the most of time. [01:12:33]
  • Do we really have a choice in life? Discussing insights from Sam Harris on free will & choices. [01:14:24]
  • Why did Sean choose  entrepreneurship over supporting entrepreneurs as a VC? [01:25:29]
  • Tools for decision-making and setting a timeline on your dream. [01:29:42]

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