Sorelle Amore – Creating Your OWN Style, Reinventing Yourself & Finding Creativity (#43)


I highly doubt most people will know what niche they love straight away until they test a million different other niches and they take photos, they go to a photoshoot and they book clients and they figure out that it was horrible…

– Sorelle Amore

Sorelle Amore is an Australian businesswoman and artist living in Iceland. Her still young career has blossomed into becoming a best-selling author, self-portrait artist, YouTuber, and investor.

Sorelle talks about how to progress as an artist, how to progress as a human being, and reinvent yourself.

Please enjoy!

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  • Sorelle talks about her Morocco trip. [1:14]
  • What is Sorelle's biggest inspiration? [5:48]
  • She tells us about her self-portraits. [8:01]
  • What does she think about recreating oneself? [11:25]
  • Two ways to go about embracing uncertainty. [13:30]
  • Does Sorelle have clarity on her overall goal? [15:46]
  • How did her meditation retreat help in her creative craft? [22:38]
  • The most painful 10 days of Sorelle's entire life. [24:16] 
  • Sorelle shares where her creativity comes from. [27:44]
  • She shares her thoughts about hate comments and haters. [37:25]
  • What gear does Sorelle use? [40:26]
  • Why did she try learning music? [45:11]
  • Sorelle shares how she faces challenges. [46:07]
  • Parting Thoughts. [48:58]

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