Svenja Krüger on Photography of Death And How To Tell Stronger Stories


How can we reimagine death visually, but also, the whole experience around it? […] Death is experienced in so many different ways. So every family has a different approach to that moment. Like some are more open than others. Some are more closed up.”

– Svenja Krüger

Svenja Krüger is a visual artist and founder of Stories Matter, a platform that uses photography to share the stories of people and places. Svenja believes in the power of a story to connect and inspire humanity, challenge perceptions, and impact communities. She's a passionate advocate for responsible storytelling and is particularly drawn to exploring untold stories around death, duality, and the interconnectedness of humanity: the themes that make our stories matter the most.

In this episode, Svenja discusses the meaning she finds in photographing funerals. She also shares her thoughts on complex ethical issues in photography and reflects on how her art has evolved as a result of her travels around the world.

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Selected Links from the Episode

Svenja Krüger on Instagram

Svenja Krüger on Twitter

Stories Matter Official Website

Show Notes

  • Photographing funerals [2:50] 
  • Stillborn photography [8:33]
  • Photographing a funeral in Ghana [10:27] 
  • Photographing Dia de Los Muertos [11:06] 
  • More on stillborn photography [15:25] 
  • Photos of dead relatives on the wall in Normandy [19:56] 
  • How people react to Svenja’s work [24:41] 
  • Svenja’s approach to storytelling [28:15] 
  • Photographing across cultures [30:21] 
  • Cultural sensitivity [32:45] 
  • Building trust and familiarity with subjects [41:47] 
  • NFTs [55:18] 
  • The Story of the Street painter in Argentina that changed her life [55:19] 
  • On Social Media & ethical issues [1:06:36] 
  • Where to find Svenja [1:17:26] 

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