Ted Chin – Selling Your Art via NFTs, The Future Of Photography, and Pursuing Passion at all cost (#55)


There's no purpose in changing your art just to please more collectors. Just stay true to yourself, your art style, and your work, then you'll attract the buyers for it.

– Ted Chin

Ted Chin is a digital artist who workcan be described as a fantasy world with a touch of surrealism, sometimes with spirits of nature. He has been working within digital production, producing work for countless clients across the globe. His most recent accomplishment is the Adobe Photoshop 2021 splash screen cover artist.

Ted sold his first NFT in March 2021, and it was a massive success for him. He's pumped to be here and share with us everything he's learned how it can apply to us, how it can translate to the photography world and he'll also tell us a little bit about the story, how this past seven years of working hard paid off on that specific day when he released his art in the digital space.

Please enjoy!

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Ted Chin on Selling Your Art via NFTs, The Future Of Photography, and Pursuing Passion at all cost The Pierre T. Lambert Podcast


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  • Ted talks about his crazy week as he released his NFT. [2:10]
  • He explains what NFTs are. [3:46]
  • What is the difference between seeing the NFT image and owning it? [7:40]
  • Ted shares his life in Taiwan [11:46]
  • How did his parents supported him through his journey? [16:27]
  • How did Ted start his photoshop career? [23:20]
  • Why did he get so interested  in the crypto world? [23:58]
  • How did he get to be on Nifty Gateway? [25:54]
  • Ted talks about the upside and downside of the platforms. [33:50]
  • How does Ted decide on pricing? [36:25]
  • Ted shares how his first release went. [41:01]
  • If NFT didn't happen, what would Ted do? [1:00]
  • Ted shares his most interesting projects that he did. [1:01:05]
  • He talks about an idea of an NFT app for our phones. [1:08:15]
  • How did his style evolve? [1:10:09]
  • Ted explains why it is important to have a healthy mindset. [1:18:23]
  • Parting thoughts. [1:25:26]

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