Jerome Poirier on Going Viral (13M+views) On Instagram & The Psychology behind Instagram Reels and TikTok


Work on your craft, and if your craft is good, then people will see it and recognize it – rather than focusing too much on numbers or on who's following you.

—Jerôme Poirier

Jérôme Poirier is a half-French, half-Japanese traveling lifestyle photographer and content creator based in New York City. He's passionate about storytelling and goes the extra mile to get a unique perspective and create the most visually attractive imagery. He's worked with some of the leading brands worldwide, including Adobe, American Express, and tourism boards from international destinations. 

He majored in Sports Science at the University of Exeter in England and started his career as s Sports Coordinator in Singapore Sports Hub. Then, he moved to New York to work as a Sponsorship Strategy Coordinator at Havas Sports & Entertainment. He also worked with Paris Saint-Germain to develop the Parisian football club's brand and fanbase in American continents.

I highly recommend listening to the entire episode because Jérôme has a fascinating take on TikTok, Instagram reels, and other video content. We also talked about European Football's massive profitability, social media's scalability, the psychology behind reels, virtual influencers, and Deepfakes. 

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  • Photography, travel, and European Football. [02:04]
  • Jérôme's early career in sports. [04:22]
  • Working between brand sponsorship in sports and full-time social media content creator. [05:44]
  • Pursuing photography and growing Instagram followers. [09:19]
  • Instagram reels as advertising space. [12:00]
  • Comparison of the social media industry in America and other countries. [15:59]
  • Brand endorsement by athletes. [00:18:18]
  • The huge influence of European football and social media's scalability. [19:24]
  • On providing value to a small audience. [21:54]
  • The psychology behind reels. [23:45]
  • On creating unique content. [28:50]
  • On adding your personal touch to existing content. [30:28]
  • Keeping up with the NFT trend. [33:23]
  • On choosing between sports and social media. [43:34]
  • The possibility of playing football in the Metaverse. [50:00]
  • Virtual Influencers [51:51]
  • Deepfakes [54:00]
  • The gear that changed Jérôme's content style. [52:00]
  • Jérôme's advice to parents of kids who want to be in the digital creative space. [58:06]
  • Wrap-up [1:00:05]

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